Popular Limousine Fleets

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The limo has evolved into an exciting expression of how people like to have fun and party with friends. You now have an ever-expanding variety of limousines to choose from. Often limo companies have a fleet of various sizes and types on-hand to accompany all sorts of events and parties. Let’s look at the most requested limo types on the market.

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Luxury Town Car Limousine

This is the original “mack daddy” limousine that started the customization craze of limos. This oversized limousine is built like a tank; taking the blueprint of an SUV and adding a separate load-bearing chassis. Subsequently, these limos are very heavy to accommodate more passengers and not all states approve them based on safety regulations.

Hummer H2 Limousine

A definite favorite among stretch limousine fleets. The Hummer limo is in many ways more impressive than its standard counterpart. Obviously the size of it is a head-turner, but the stretching of the Hummer’s trademark boxy pattern and chiseled design goes well on an aesthetic level. The inclusion of a hot tub in the back is also a party favorite, as you can expect.

Ford Excursion Limousine

Another massive limousine that takes one of the best SUV makers and stretches out a party machine for the people. It’s actually the only SUV-exclusive line manufactured, so you can imagine why this is such a popular limo. This SUV was built for things like a full bar, a complete home and audio entertainment system that includes: surround sound speakers, thundering bass, multiple flat screen plasma screen TV’s, and plenty of comfortable leather seating.

The Party Bus

If you took a coach bus and tossed out all the vertical seat coffins, put in all the trappings of a stretch limo, and added even more amenities that otherwise wouldn’t fit, you’ll get something called a party bus or party limo. People may order a party bus because it can simply accommodate more people, the largest going up to 22+ people, but there’s also a demand for party buses that have crazy stuff like stripper poles and mini-dance floors that literally allow you to take your party on the road.

With things like party buses, the door really opens up on what is possible on “four” wheels. Celebrities have been known to encourage a “pimp my bus” trend where customizing party buses becomes a contest to see who can stuff the most creative environments into their spaces. The only limit is your imagination.


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