Limo or Taxi?

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Taxis and limousines both have their space and serve a purpose, but sometimes people get crossed between the two and aren’t sure which would be better for them in certain situations. The most obvious differences between taking a taxi or a limo are luxuries afforded to the patrons inside. The next, less obvious comparison of taxis and limousines are their services and what the patron’s needs are for their transportation.

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Service Expectations

This is a pretty basic principal of transportation needs, this includes: dependability, professionalism, and personal care. When you call for a taxi cab over the phone, you expect to get a cab fast, with no personalized expectations. On the contrary, if you call for limo service, your phone call will comprise of what your special needs or expectations will be for the ride, such as refreshments in the vehicle, if you would like a newspaper, or music for your entertainment.

This leads into differences between the qualities of your experience, on average, for each mode of transportation. Limousine services survive on a higher standard of quality and conditioning of their vehicles. That isn’t to say that taxi drivers don’t take care of their cars, but they are often running on older, more worn-down vehicles, because most patrons aren’t going to waste time complaining or attempt to pass on a cab for some minor eye-sores. Limousines are expected to be spotless, plush, and provide a smooth ride that makes the commute seamless without worry from any of the passenger.

On-demand Servicing

While you can order on-demand service from both taxis and limousines, the consistency of quality service between the two can be drastic. No matter how hard a taxi service may try, sometimes they are unable to meet scheduled pick-up times due to the nature of the cab. Traffic can hold the designated cab driver up and there’s nothing they can do about it if there are no available cabs nearby to make an emergency substitution. Limousines exist to meet the personal expectations of every customer, they will often arrive early to overcompensate for traffic. An unreliable limousine service is the opposite of luxury and such a company will not last very long.

So, while the cost for the on-demand taxi will always be cheaper than limousine service, if you have a strict schedule to follow, a reputable limo service will be the only way to secure peace of mind for an important day.

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